Linguistics Research Seminars

Linguistics Research Seminars





Welcome to the 2020-2021 series of the USAL-UVA Linguistics Research Seminars. These seminars are organised by the MA and PhD Programme in Advanced English Studies at the Universities of Salamanca and Valladolid with the aim of providing students with an overview of different diachronic and synchronic approaches to the scientific study of language.


For whom?


The USAL-UVA Linguistics Research Seminars are open to students in the MA and PhD Programme in Advanced English Studies. For the latter, these are also offered as part of their Training Activities. The seminars are likewise open to students in their final years of their degree who have an interest in linguistics and to the wider academic community.




Linguistics, as the scientific branch that studies language, is one of the two broad research areas that are part of the Master and PhD Programmes. Because of the wideness of the discipline, these seminars have been designed with the aim of providing students with access to contemporary approaches to the study of language, both from a synchronic and diachronic perspective. With this we are not only hoping to improve the linguistic training of students but also to offer them the chance of listening to contemporary researchers and practitioners in the field of English Studies. It is our hope that this will widen students’ horizons when thinking about potential topics for their dissertations.


The basics


  • When and where?

The seminars will take place online between March 19 and May 21 every other Friday at 16:30. Further information about dates and speakers can be found in the program.

  • How?

Registration is required for each individual seminar. The registration link for each seminar can be found in the page on this site where each abstract is provided. Upon registration, a link will be sent to registered attendees on the day of the talk. Should you not get it, please get in touch with us.

  • Certificate?

A certificate of attendance will be provided upon registration and attendance to each individual seminar.




If you need any further information or have any question, please get in touch with us / web

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