The Faculty
Governing Bodies
Faculty Board. Committees
The Faculty Board is the governing and participating body of the Center.
It is chaired by the Dean and consequently by the members of the plenary session and the Committees.
The Committees of the Board of the Faculty of Philosophy and Arts are:
  • Academic Planning Committee.
  • Economic Committee.
  • Student Activities Committee.
  • Guarantee Committee.
  • Permanent Departments Committee.
  • Library Committee.
  • Accreditation Committee.
  • The Committees will be chaired by the Dean or by the person to whom this function has been delegated: a Vice-Dean or a member of the Faculty Board. A member of the Committee will be designated by the Presidency as the Secretary.
  • The organization of each Committee, except for the Permanent Committee of Departments, must contain teachers, students and administrative and service staff, all of whom are members of the Faculty Board.
  • Apart for the Dean, no member of the Faculty Board may belong to more than two Committees.
  • The members of the different Committees, except those of the Guarantee Committee, will step down when the Faculty Board elections are called, the Committee is dissolved due to the fulfilment of its duties or the Plenary Session revokes the granted delegation.
  • All Committees will be made up of:

Guarantee Committee Responsibilities
  • The Guarantee Committee will have, at least, the duties established in articleo 109.2 of the University Statutes , and will determine, if appropriate, the performance of an examination or test by a court appointed for that purpose. It will be the preferred place for the possible resolution of conflicts between members of the university community belonging to the Faculty.
Department Committee Responsibilities
  • Coordinate the proposals of the Teaching Organization Plan.
  • Coordinate the teachings of the subjects part of the academic curriculum.
  • Inform and advise the Faculty Board for a better fulfilment of the teaching obligations of the teaching staff.
  • Coordinate extra university activities and other academic activities.
Academic Planning Committee Responsibilities
  • Report applications for the recognition of free choice credits that do not exceed four credits.
  • Issue reports on the teaching activity of the teaching staff and collaborate in carrying out the teaching survey.
  • Advise on the validation processes.
  • Advise on applications for Free Honorary Collaborators.
Economic Committee Responsibilities
  • The supervision and control of budgets and endowments, both ordinary and extraordinary.
  • The control and monitoring of the different services that the Faculty has with private companies.
Student Activities Committee Responsibilities
  • Encourage and promote the cultural and sports activities of the Faculty aimed at training of students.
  • Promote university outreach activity programs, aimed both at members of the university community and the society in which the teaching activity takes place.
  • Organize scheduled activities.
  • Distribute the economic resources assigned to the Student Associations.
Library Committee Responsibilities
  • The control and monitoring of the activities of the Library in all matters concerning its relationship with the rest of the activities of the Faculty.
  • Collect and formulate proposals aimed at improving said service.
Validation Committee Responsibilities
  • Decide, after a report from the affected Departments, on the equivalences between studies carried out at the University itself and the validation of others carried out in Spanish or foreign academic centers.