Bachelor's Degree
History and Sciences of Music
BA Degree Committee
  • Know and evaluate the results of the Reports generated by the Quality Assurance System for the degree.
  • Prepare the monitoring reports of the degree, except in the case of inter-center degrees, for which they must participate in their preparation, the final preparation being the responsibility of the corresponding Inter-Center Committee.
  • Ensure compliance with the annual plans to improve the degree in the center, as well as review compliance with the internal Quality Assurance System regarding the degree.
  • Ensure compliance in the center of the commitments, procedures and protocols established for the degree in the corresponding verification report.
  • Organize and keep the specific documentary file of the degree managed updated through the computer application enabled for this purpose for the monitoring and accreditation of degrees, except in the case of inter-center degrees, in which case this competence falls on the corresponding Inter-center Committee without negatively affecting its active contribution and collaboration with the same in the development of this competence.
  • Cooperate with the competent bodies, through the legal channels and procedures, in the solutions to incidents, complaints and suggestions that arise within the scope of the title.
  • Discuss with the competent bodies regarding the processing and approval of modifications of the corresponding verification reports as many proposals duly argued and supported by documents are pertinent, in their opinion, for the improvement of the study plan.
  • Inform in advance of any proposed modification of their degree, submitted for processing before the competent quality agency.
  • Advise and cooperate with the competent bodies in all quality matters related to the degree at the Center.
  • Competences are attributed to it by the Credit Recognition and Transfer Regulations and the Academic Regulations of the University of Valladolid.