Academic Standards and Quality
Center Quality Guarantee System
Center Quality Assurance Committee


The Center’s Quality Assurance Committee (CGCC), which will be chaired by the Dean or the person they delegate power to, will also include at least the following members:
  • The Presidents of each of the Degree Committees existing in the Center.
  • A master’s student, when there is no one who is part of the center’s own COA.
  • Ensure the correct functioning of the Center’s Quality Assurance System and, in particular, facilitate and promote relations between the different Degree Committees linked to the center.
  • Know the results of the internal and external evaluation of the degrees carried out both by the Degree Committees and by the Study and Evaluation Office of the University of Valladolid and the external Quality Agencies that, where appropriate, have issued such reports .
  • Propose to the Center Board and, where appropriate, to the Vice-Rector’s Office for Teaching, the improvement actions that are considered most appropriate as a result of the results mentioned in the previous section.
  • Ensure compliance with the annual plans for the improvement of degrees and of the Centers and university services aimed at teaching and learning.
  • Review compliance with the internal Quality Assurance System regarding the Center and the degrees taught therein.
  • Raise proposals to the Board of the Center in matters of academic organization on the degrees that are taught at the Center, provided that these do not conflict with or subtract powers in this matter from other bodies and, in particular, from the departments with teaching in the corresponding title.
  • Ensure the good condition and maintenance of the documentary file of the Center’s degrees in relation to the verification, modification, monitoring and accreditation procedures.
  • The competences are attributed to it by the Credit Recognition and Transfer Regulations and the Academic Regulations of the University of Valladolid.
  • Any other coordination or supervision competence in quality matters related to the Center not foreseen for other bodies.