Exchange Programmes

If you are a foreign student who wants to come to enjoy an Erasmus + or International mobility at the Faculty of Philosophy and Arts of the UVa, you must follow these steps.

To validate your Learning Agreement you must contact Belén Artuñedo, Vice Dean of Mobility, through this email:

In addition, the vice dean will be available at the Dean office (1st floor) in the following hours:

  • Tuesday and Thursday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Once your University has sent your nomination to the email they will contact you via email to give you the appropriate instructions for you to register on the University’s academic management platform (SIGMA).

One of the documents they will ask you for is the Learning Agreement that you will have to upload to the platform once it is signed by the heads of both institutions.

When they have validated all the documentation, the International Relations Service will register you online and send you the registration documents.

Upon arrival at the UVA, you must send the Arrival Certificate to the following email addresses: or and it will be returned electronically signed and stamped with validity of the original document.

At the end of your stay, the Transcript of Records will be sent by email to the address you indicated when you registered.

At Relint (Student House) they will help you find accommodation. You can also enroll in the Mentor Program so that other UVA students can help you settle in and integrate into the University and the city.

The person in charge of incoming students at the Casa del Estudiantes is Raquel Chico and you can contact her by email:

If you have any problems with schedules, you can write and request an appointment at, we will help you resolve schedule conflicts, problems with exam dates, etc.

If you have any questions or problems, contact the Vice Dean of Mobility.

Never forget to regularly check our website where you will find information on all the cultural activities that take place in our Faculty

If you want to improve your level of Spanish and take a course in Spanish as a Foreign Language, here you will find all the information.