Exchange Programmes
SICUE Exchange
If you want to enjoy a stay at a Spanish university, you can opt for a SICUE Mobility. You will be able to carry out part of your studies in a Spanish university other than yours, with guarantees of academic recognition, use and adaptation to your curricular profile.
You have to bear in mind that the SICUE Program is an exchange system, not a scholarship.
In the case of SICUE Agreements, you should contact the Vice Dean of Mobility, Belén Artuñedo, at:
The period to apply for the SICUE program usually begins in February, so it is convenient that remain vigilant and have the documents ready to deliver them on those dates.
Here you will find information and the application.
Once you have been granted the exchange, you have to enter SIGMA within the deadlines indicated by the Sicue Service (of the Vice-Rectorate for Students) and accept it. Afterwards, you make the academic agreement, also in SIGMA, agreed with the Vice Dean of Mobility. Once the academic agreement has been signed by you, the Vice Dean and the Dean, you have to present a copy in the Faculty Office, before formalizing your enrollment, which is ALWAYS done at the UVa.
In addition, you must send another copy to the Administrative Secretariat of your destination University.
In September you will go to your choice of University and you must register with the Administrative Office or Secretariat.
You probably don’t need any help with this ; )

If you have any questions, you may be able to find an answer in Frequently Asked Questions