Exchange Programmes
Internships in Erasmus and International Companies
The students of the Faculty of Philosophy and Arts of the UVa have the possibility of doing business internships within the Erasmus + and International Mobility program.
The possibility of developing professional internships outside of Spain will not only provide you with the necessary teaching and learning to function in the job market, but will also provide you with experience, allow you to improve the language of the destination country and improve your record and your curriculum.
To help offset the expenses caused by this type of mobility, you will receive financial aid depending on the standard of living of the destination country. In addition, the University of Valladolid also provides travel assistance and OnCampus insurance, created especially for University Students.
The internships can last up to 12 months, but CAreful! If you have an overall maximum Erasmus mobility of 12 months. This means, if you had a 9-month Erasmus + scholarship, you will be able to do an Erasmus + Internship of 3 months maximum, up to the sum of 12.
These internships can be curricular (the credits corresponding to the Internship subject of your Degree are recognized), extracurricular (they will appear as such in your academic record and do not carry recognition of credits) and for recent graduates (once you have defended your BA thesis, to complete your training and enrich your CV; in this case, YOU MUST NOT APPLY FOR THE ISSUANCE OF THE TITLE, until you have returned from the internship, to be able to include them in your final report and certificate).
In addition, the internships carried out abroad will be reflected in the European Degree Supplement (SET), a document that accompanies each official university degree, and which includes the unified information for all of Europe on the studies completed, the results obtained, the professional skills acquired and the degree level of the student.
Here you will find all the information to begin your first professional experience abroad:
For questions and queries you can contact:
Beatriz Nuevo |
For questions and queries you can contact:
Beatriz Nuevo |
For questions and inquiries, you can contact:
Esmeralda Lorenzo |
Those students who have participated in an Erasmus study + internships for a minimum of 10 months will obtain this mention, the objective of which is to value mobility within the framework of the Erasmus Program. It does not apply to international mobility. It has begun to apply in the 2019-20 academic year.