The Faculty

The Faculty of Philosophy and Arts has a long history in student representation and is the only center of the University of Valladolid that has had an assembly structure for approximately two decades. There are three blocks of representation coordinated to ensure the effectiveness of the defense of the rights and duties of students:

The Student Union

It is the fundamental pillar of the students of our Faculty, it is the voice of the students of the Center. It is convened once a month and gathers information on matters of interest and university current affairs: academic calendar, representative elections, etc. In the same way, general issues are discussed in other areas that may be common to all students, such as problems in relation to subjects or proposals for improvement within the Faculty. The agreements made therein are binding. The Assembly is open to the general student body, any student who wishes to attend may do so. Two class representatives must attend.

  • The Board of Representatives of the Student Assembly is made up of 5, 7, 9 or 11 members, all elected members present at the first Assembly of the year. These Assemblies, which the Board directs and organizes together with the Vice Dean of Students, coordinate all the tasks related to the Students. The physical place within the Faculty used by the Board of Representatives is the "Rosa Luxemburg" Student Room (located in front of classroom No. 19 "Luisa Cuesta"). Among its main responsibilities is adhering to a weekly service schedule, according to which each member spends two hours a week in the room to attend to student inquiries, either in person or electronically via mail The weekly schedule is posted on the door of the Student Room. In addition, they publish news on their Twitter account @Mesa_FyL.
The Representatives on the Faculty Board
A maximum of 18 students are in charge of bringing the voice of the Assembly to the Faculty Board, thus transmitting the proposals to the plenary session for discussion or showing agreement / disagreement regarding the issues discussed therein (approval of the calendar, schedules, Erasmus agreements, etc.).
The Representatives on the Department Board and Degree Committee

Although they are part of independent bodies, they are connected to each other.

  • The Representatives on the Department Board together with the rest of the members of the Department Board take part in the teaching of the degree. In each department, matters such as the proposal of emeritus professors, financial reports, activities during the course, etc. are decided. The number of representatives on the Department Council varies by department.
  • • The Representatives of the Degree Committee together with the rest of the members of the Degree Committee are in charge of modifying the degree curriculum. The number of representatives in the Degree Committee must always be, at least, two students who are studying the second year of the degree and one postgraduate student.
In addition, there are other representation positions that carry out their activity through the center but outside of it:
The Representatives in the Faculty Committee
Los The Representatives in the Faculty Committee. The Faculty Committee or Cloister is the legislative body of the university and has students who come from all the centers. 8 out of 9 students come from the Faculty of Philosophy and Arts (a figure that varies according to the number of students enrolled), who are usually divided among the Faculty Committee groups / associations that are represented in the elections.
Representatives in Student Council
The Representatives in the Student Council of the University of Valladolid. Although elected, the Student Council has never been formed since its inclusion in the previous Statutes of the University (2003). They correspond to 2 per center and are elected in a different but simultaneous process as that of the Faculty Board.

As a general rule, all electoral processes to access these representative positions take place at the beginning of the year to facilitate the permanence of students in them. This gives rise to an intense electoral period that is carried out during a single month instead of having different processes throughout the year. As the Faculty of Philosophy and Arts is a Faculty that houses a large number of degrees, gathering the elections into a single month helps motivate participation and voting.

Any questions? Go have a chat with the Assembly Representatives Board!


Our Faculty has always been characterized by a high social and cultural commitment built up over many years of work by its groups and associations. We find ourselves in a Faculty where the participation of our students makes the integration and connection between the different members of the university community possible. In the Faculty of Philosophy and Arts we have always wanted to go beyond attending class and passing exams, transmitting our concerns with a critical voice to the society in which we live, seriously implicating ourselves to be able to give a plurality of views of the present day. At the moment three associations are active in the Faculty: Reunart, Clio and Geolid.

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Additionally, the Faculty of Philosophy and Arts has two media outlets that are born from the efforts of teachers and students of the Journalism Area.