The Faculty

The Faculty of Philosophy and Arts has a long history in student representation and is the only center of the University of Valladolid that has had an assembly structure for approximately two decades. There are three blocks of representation coordinated to ensure the effectiveness of the defense of the rights and duties of students:

In addition, there are other representation positions that carry out their activity through the center but outside of it:

As a general rule, all electoral processes to access these representative positions take place at the beginning of the year to facilitate the permanence of students in them. This gives rise to an intense electoral period that is carried out during a single month instead of having different processes throughout the year. As the Faculty of Philosophy and Arts is a Faculty that houses a large number of degrees, gathering the elections into a single month helps motivate participation and voting.

Any questions? Go have a chat with the Assembly Representatives Board!


Our Faculty has always been characterized by a high social and cultural commitment built up over many years of work by its groups and associations. We find ourselves in a Faculty where the participation of our students makes the integration and connection between the different members of the university community possible. In the Faculty of Philosophy and Arts we have always wanted to go beyond attending class and passing exams, transmitting our concerns with a critical voice to the society in which we live, seriously implicating ourselves to be able to give a plurality of views of the present day. At the moment three associations are active in the Faculty: Reunart, Clio and Geolid.

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Additionally, the Faculty of Philosophy and Arts has two media outlets that are born from the efforts of teachers and students of the Journalism Area.