The Faculty
Governing Bodies
Faculty Board. Plenary Session

The Faculty Board is the governing and participating body of the Center.

It is chaired by the Dean and consequently by the members of the plenary session and the Committees.

The Plenary Session of the Faculty Board is held at least once each quarter during the school period and in extraordinary session when the Dean deems it appropriate, or at the request of at least one third of its members.

The Plenary Session of the Faculty Board will be comprised of the following members:

– The faculty council as permanent members.
– Sixty elected members, of which:
  • Fifty-one percent will be public officials of the university teaching bodies associated to the Center.
  • Ten percent will be representatives of the employed teaching and research staff associated to the Center.
  • Thirty percent will be made up of representatives of the students of the Center.
  • Nine percent will be made up of representatives of the administration and services staff (PAS) who perform their duties at the Center.

All the members of the Faculty Board will carry out their mandate for a period of four years, except for student representation, which will be renewed every two years, when the election to the Faculty Board is held.

In the following link the updated list of the members of the Faculty Board is detailed.

  • Prepare and modify the Internal Regulations of the Center.
  • Elect and dismiss the Dean, if applicable.
  • Approve and supervise the action policy of the Center.
  • Approve the distribution of the funds assigned to the Center in the University budget and control its implementation.
  • Approve the teaching plan, which will be adjusted to the University’s Academic Regulations.
  • Approve, at the proposal of the Electoral Committee, the internal distribution of the positions that correspond in each electoral body, where appropriate, to the different bodies, sectors or groups in the Center.
  • Inform regarding the creation, modification and removal of Departments.
  • Report the creation, modification or deletion of Centers.
  • Appoint permanent and temporary Committees, in the form and with the organization and powers established in the Internal Regulations.
  • Propose the creation of Center Sections, if applicable.
  • Exercise whatever powers are attributed to it by the Laws, the University Statutes and the applicable Regulations.