The Faculty
Governing Bodies
Faculty Council
  • Promote the represenation of the Center.
  • Summon and preside over the Board of the Center and implement its agreements.
  • Propose the appointment and removal of Vice-deans and Secretary from the members of the University community of the Center, in accordance with the provisions of these Internal Regulations.
  • Summon and preside over the Committees set up in the Center.
  • Prepare the proposals for the Center’s action policy.
  • Organize, lead and coordinate the daily activity of the Center.
  • Address the first and second cycle validations dictated by the corresponding Committee.
  • Exercise those powers which have not been expressly attributed in the University Statutes to the Faculty Board, and correspond to the Center.
  • Responsible for the organization of the processes related to the curricula of official Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in the Faculty of Philosophy and Arts.
  • Responsible for academic planning at the Faculty of Philosophy and Arts: Teaching Organization Plan (POD):
    • Organization with both the Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree Coordinators of the distribution of the theory, practice, laboratory and field work groups.
    • Organization with the Degree and Master Coordinators regarding the electives available in each degree.
    • Organization with the Department Directors of the assignment of the subjects to the areas of knowledge.
    • Organization with the Department Directors of the teaching assignment to the teaching staff.
  • Coordination of the calendar and procedures for the defense of the End of Degree and Master’s Projects.
  • Preparation of the Bachelor’s and Master’s degree schedules and assigning classrooms.
  • Coordinator of the International Erasmus + exhange center (Study and Internships:
  • Inform incoming and outcoming students.
  • Coordinates the Bilateral Exchange Managers (RIBs) of the Faculty.
  • Academic counsellor for international mobility students.
  • Promote the signing of Erasmus and International agreements with the Faculty.
  • Supervise the minutes of the outcoming Erasmus students of the Faculty.
  • Responsible for the KA107 program at the Faculty.
  • Evaluate and coordinates the Incoming Professionals program.
  • Coordinator of the SICUE exchange center:
– Inform incoming and outcoming students.
– Academic manager of the Sicue students at the center.
– Promote Sicue agreements between the Faculty and other Spanish universities.
  • Culture and Extra University Activities.
  • Responsible for the interactions of the Faculty with the media.
  • Responsible for the interactions of the Faculty with other Institutions and Social Agents.
  • Encourage and promote the extracurricular activities carried out in the Faculty.
  • Management of promotion campaigns for the studies available at the Faculty.
  • Organization of the Class Representative elections and Student Representatives in the Department Councils.
  • Ensure fluent communication between the students, the student representative bodies, and the center and the institution.
  • Collect the Faculty students’ proposals and ideas and transfer them to the Governing Bodies.
  • Ensure realisation of the Students’ duties and the enforcement of their rights.
  • Organize the solemn events of the Faculty in which the students actively participate.
  • President of the Electoral Committee of the Center and is in charge of supervising and ensuring the transparency of the electoral processes that are carried out in the governing bodies of the Faculty.
  • Participates ex officio in the Compensation Committees of the Center.
  • Issues all kinds of administrative certificates under the supervision of the Dean.
  • He is responsible for supervising the amendments and errors detected in the grade reports.
  • Summons the Faculty Boards, at the direction of the Dean, takes the minutes of the sessions and oversees the custody and filing of the same in the Minute Books.
  • Oversees the application of safety regulations in the Center.